Online PSN Code Generator

PSN Code Generator going Online!

Many people are not comfortable in downloading the psn code generator which is a .exe file. People consider it a spam and they have their own good reasons for it. And i don't blame them because you simply cannot trust a website that provides a generator. So the solution to all these problems is device an online algorithm that will generate a code as and when a user requests for it. This would eliminate the possibility of the trust because most of the work would be done online and all you will get is some random numbers that you will have to copy paste it in your PlayStation account. It doesn't get as simple as that.
But there are few aspects that may be affecting the online available free psn codes that i would like to discuss first. This will help users a lot to get the codes.

online psn code generator

Because you are not downloading anything with an online psn code generator, you are actually risk free. This is a pretty self explanatory part of this article. Also, since this is all taking place online in someone else's server, your computer cannot be at any potential risk of any sort. This is the best part of anything being online. You can just bookmark the website, and do whatever you want while coming back to the same website if you want it again and this thing will never die. But what if the site is down or the servers are down? You may loose the potential working codes for your PlayStation account! To avoid such situation, it is mandatory for you to get a psn code generator instead of relying for some online solution.

Take a look at the video to find out how it works:


The tool being online is a good thing and may be beneficial but it has its own disadvantages. There are many users who will want to exploit the server or abuse the codes and use it so many times  that there are no working code for that particular day available. Of-course there will be surveys enabled to prevent the leech of these codes but who knows the user may exploit this survey feature and use some program to bypass it. This may increase the load and the site may shut down because of overload. To avoid such situation, we people are providing you a psn code generator rather than any online website which can be at potential risk of being attacked everyday.
So my final words regarding a working psn code generator would be: "It is good if we could go online, but there are risks associated with it which we do not intend to take. But if we rather provide quality service to our users, this would be more helpful than any rubbish online generator. So, instead of waiting for an online version, get this generator and enjoy free psn codes."